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ESB Letter

Welcome to Griffins class!

Hello and welcome to Griffins class page. My name is Katy Ormerod and I have been working at St Paul’s since 2009. I live in Burnley with my husband Lee and my three year old son Milo. In my spare time I enjoy family days out and visiting family and friends. I also enjoy reading although this can be difficult with a lively three year old running around!

I am very excited about the upcoming year and we have lots of exciting things planned. Don’t forget to regularly visit our class page where weekly class newsletters will be uploaded and copies of our timetable and topic webs can be found. The page will also be regularly updated with examples of children’s learning as well as photographs.

Please find below some information regarding our class and school life at St Pauls. I hope you find it useful and if you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to come and ask me.   Please CLICK HERE for our Griffins Welcome Booklet 2016

Spring Term Update

The X Files

Our focus for the next half term will be based around rockets. Already the children researched the Saturn V and have created fact files. The children are so absorbed in this topic and are looking forward to designing and creating their own rockets using a range of materials. They will have to think very carefully about the structure of their rocket, including creating a detachable nose. Watch this space! (No pun intended!)

Autumn Term Update

What a busy term we have had! The children have worked very hard and have made fantastic progress. I am very proud of all the Griffins for their hard work and dedication to learning. We hope you enjoy finding out about our learning.

Map It!

For our Map It topic we looked at the country Italy. We explored a range of maps and learnt about the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Together we found out lots of facts about the country and created and delivered a presentation about the country. We also learnt about some of the famous landmarks in Italy- both human and physical.

In Science we have been learning about different types of rocks and have been grouping them according to their characteristics.

Colour Chaos

During our Colour Chaos topic, we studied the artist Michelangelo. We researched his life and found out lots of interesting facts. The children were fascinated by his most famous piece- The Sistine Chapel ceiling painting.  To understand just how difficult it must have been, we created our own ‘ceiling paintings’ by creating our own masterpieces under the classroom tables. It was very tricky! We then learnt how to draw portraits- including self portraits. For our unit outcome, we chose a family member to draw which we then gave as Christmas presents. We have some budding artists amongst us in Griffins.

In Science we have been learning about States of Matter (Solids, Liquids and Gases) We have carried out a range of investigations and have been learning about the importance of fair tests.


 Our Teaching Team
Katy Ormerod is the class teacher and we are supported by Mrs Emma Smith. Mr Burke (HLTA) will cover Mrs Ormerod’s leadership and PPA time on a Tuesday, where he will teach English and Maths in the morning and French and ICT on Tuesdays. Mr Burke will also take children to our school library on a Tuesday.

Key Days
Homework will be given out on a Wednesday (beginning on the 14th September) and should be handed in no later than the second Monday from when it was given out.

Indoor PE will take place on a Wednesday and outdoor PE will take place on a Monday (weather depending)

Tuesday will be our set library day. If your child will like to keep their book for another week, they should still bring in their book so it can be renewed on the system.

Reading books will be changed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Once your child has completed their book, they should put it in our reading book box ready to be changed. Please ensure your child brings their reading book to school every day, even it is not yet ready to change. This enables us to read with your child and record in their guided read sessions.

School and Class Rewards
At St Paul’s we believe all children have a right to feel safe, secure and happy and ultimately, be successful in their learning. Therefore we have a wide range of rewards to promote and ensure this. Each classroom has a traffic light system where each child begins the day on green. If a child displays any negative behaviour, they will be given a friendly warning. If the negative behaviour continues, they will then be given a yellow card and in some cases, given a red card. Every child has the chance to turn their behaviour round and move back up the traffic light. If your child stays on green or gold all week, they will be given a ‘Good to be Green’ sticker at the end of the week. Their name will also be placed in our ‘You’ve been spotted’ box and one name will be pulled out during our celebration worship where they can then choose from a range of prizes.

If a child demonstrates ‘Golden Behaviour’, they can move their name onto a gold star. They will then be able to write their name in the Golden Book which is displayed in the main corridor and their name will be read out in our ‘Celebration Worship’ on a Friday. They will also receive a Gold sticker and can choose a prize from the Golden Box at the end of the school day.
As well as this, we have ‘Class Dojos’ where each child has their own Dojo avatar. They can earn dojos throughout the day and once they earn a certain amount of dojos, they will receive an additional reward.
Each child is also placed in a ‘House Team’ at the beginning of the year and they can earn House Points for super examples of learning. At the end of each half term, the winning house will receive a ‘non-uniform’ day as a reward.
In addition, your child can also receive individual rewards such as stickers and prizes from our class prize box.
At the end of every week, a child will be chosen for our ‘Learner of the Week’ award and our ‘BLP Hero’ award. These will be presented in our celebration worship on Fridays and their names will be added on our class newsletter.

BLP Themed Week- Collaboration
To begin our new school year, St Paul’s took part in a BLP Themed Week based around the ‘Collaboration Learning Muscle’. We discussed how important collaboration is and thought of different situations where collaboration is essential. The children then took part in lots of different activities and challenges to exercise their collaboration muscle.  Please CLICK HERE for our Topic Web for this subject.


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