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BLP – Collaborating

Welcome to Phoenix Class!
Please find enclosed information that will guide you and your child through the academic year. Wishing your child an enjoyable year in Phoenix class!  Click here to view our Class Information – Phoenix Class Welcome Booklet 2016

Miss Cowgill is the class teacher and we are supported by Miss Peart and Miss Harrop. Mrs Nolan (HLTA) will cover Miss Cowgill PPA time on a Friday, where she will teach ICT, French and PSHE.

The classroom doors open at 8.45 every morning, where the children will enter school to prepare for the school day. All external classroom doors are locked at 8.50 and any child arriving after this time will need to enter school via the main office. Children who arrive at school after 8.55am will be marked as late.

Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct school uniform and footwear at all times. As it is a requirement of the school curriculum, please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school. This should be a white t shirt, navy or black shorts and suitable indoor footwear. For outdoor sessions, children may wear plain navy/black tracksuit pants and a plain jumper. Again sensible footwear will be needed for the outdoor surface (playground/field). All clothing should be clearly named.
Children are permitted to wear stud earrings and watches in school but for safety reasons, these must be removed when taking part in PE sessions. Girls are also reminded that wearing make- up is not part of the school uniform.

In the Upper Unit, P.E. will take place twice a week – an indoor and an outdoor session. Year 4 and 5 will also access an additional swimming session at St Peter’s Centre each Wednesday (see separate letter). Please be aware that there will be no borrowing of kit from other children. If for whatever reason your child is unable to take part in PE, we ask that you send in a parental note, otherwise there will be an expectation that your child participates in the PE session, using any spare kits that we might have in school.

For any child who requires medication during the school day, a form needs to be completed at the school office. This allows us to administer medication in your absence. If your child has an inhaler, please ensure that it is within its expiry date and is given to the class teacher. If there is a change to any medication, please inform the class teacher as soon as possible.

To help protect our environment, school and class newsletters are uploaded to our school website every Friday. However, if you are unable to access the internet, we are happy to provide a paper copy. Please let your child’s teacher know ASAP if you would like to receive a paper copy.

We are aware that some of our older pupils make their own way home from school and have a mobile phone for emergencies. If your child needs to bring their phone to school, it should be dropped off at the school office each morning, where it is recorded and kept safe until the end of the school day. Under no circumstances are mobile phones to be kept in class and in school bags, as they may go missing.

At St Paul’s we believe all children have a right to feel safe, secure and happy and ultimately, be successful in their learning. Therefore we have a wide range of rewards to promote and ensure this. Each classroom has a traffic light system where each child begins the day on green. If a child displays any negative behaviour, they will be given a friendly warning. If the negative behaviour continues, they will then be given a yellow card and in some cases, given a red card. Every child has the chance to turn their behaviour round and move back up the traffic light. If your child stays on green or gold all week, they will be given a ‘Good to be Green’ sticker at the end of the week. Their name will also be placed in our ‘You’ve been spotted’ box and one name will be pulled out during our celebration worship where they can then choose from a range of prizes.
If a child demonstrates ‘Golden Behaviour’, they can move their name onto a gold star. They will then be able to write their name in the Golden Book which is displayed in the main corridor and their name will be read out in our ‘Celebration Worship’ on a Friday. They will also receive a Gold sticker and can choose a prize from the Golden Box at the end of the school day.
As well as this, we have ‘Class Dojos’ where each child has their own Dojo avatar. They can earn dojos throughout the day and once they earn a certain amount of dojos, they will receive an additional reward.
Each child is also placed in a ‘House Team’ at the beginning of the year and they can earn House Points for super examples of learning. At the end of each half term, the winning house will receive a ‘non-uniform’ day as a reward.
In addition, your child can also receive individual rewards such as stickers and prizes from our class prize box.
At the end of every week, a child will be chosen for our ‘Learner of the Week’ award and our ‘BLP Hero’ award. These will be presented in our celebration worship on Fridays and their names will be added on our class newsletter.

We hope that this is a part of your child’s learning which they share regularly with you at home and each week we will celebrate pupils who are demonstrating different learning muscles through our BLP Hero of the Week! This half term we have introduced Collaboration and this learning muscle is now prevalent in school, alongside perseverance, managing distractions and absorption.

Children will receive homework from their pod teachers on a Wednesday. Homework will be given every two weeks and must be handed in no later than the second Monday from when it was sent out. This will take the format of 10 spellings, a grammar task and a written or comprehension activity. Maths homework will be a paper based activity and a Mathletics task. Children are also expected to read every night. (Please see homework policy for further guidance). The first homework will be sent out on Wednesday 14th September. Occasionally, classteachers may set additional homework linked to class topic work.

Reading is an important part of our homework and something that we encourage children to do on a daily basis. There is an expectation that children will read every night and reading diaries need to be in school each day. Please ensure you sign the diaries to record any reading done at home. Children in the Upper Unit who are still following the school’s reading scheme must hand their books to their class teacher once they are ready to be changed.

Children are encouraged to bring water bottles to school every day. School bottles are available to purchase from the school office or children can bring their own. Bottles should be filled up at home every day and taken home to be cleaned each night. There is a water fountain for your child to top up their water at break or lunchtime. For hygiene reasons, we cannot provide cups for children to use.

We are always welcome of any parent volunteers throughout the unit to help with reading books or in the library. So if you have any time to spare please do contact Mrs Lee or the school office.

If your child has an appointment during the school day, an ‘Exit Pass’ from the office must be requested prior to the appointment. Please see the school office.
If you have any further questions about any of the information, please do not hesitate to speak to any of the teachers in Upper junior unit. We look forward to working in partnership with you all throughout this academic year.

Thank you
Miss Cowgill


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