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Enterprise letter June 2017

Sea serpents timetable

Welcome to Sea Serpents Class!

Please find below some information regarding our class and school life at St Pauls. I hope you find it useful and if you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to come and ask me.   Please CLICK HERE for our Sea Serpents Welcome Booklet 2016

The children are really enjoying our Ancient Egypt topic.  Here are just a few pictures of their work.



Our Teaching Team
Mrs Rachel Lee is the class teacher and we are supported by Mrs White, who is also a school governor. Mr Burke (HLTA) will cover Mrs Lee’s leadership and PPA time on a Wednesday, where he will teach Maths in the morning and Science in the afternoon.

Key Days
Homework will be given out on a Wednesday (beginning on the 14th September) and should be handed in no later than the second Monday from when it was given out.

Indoor PE will take place on a Friday and outdoor PE will take place on a Tuesday (weather dependent). When we have sports coaches in school, our indoor PE lesson will change to Monday. The weekly newsletter will update you of any PE change days.

Thursday will be our set library day where your child will have the opportunity to choose a book of their own choice.

School and Class Rewards
At St Paul’s we believe all children have a right to feel safe, secure and happy and ultimately, be successful in their learning. Therefore we have a wide range of rewards to promote and ensure this. Each classroom has a traffic light system where each child begins the day on green. If a child displays any negative behaviour, they will be given a friendly warning. If the negative behaviour continues, they will then be given a yellow card and in some cases, given a red card. Every child has the chance to turn their behaviour round and move back up the traffic light. If your child stays on green or gold all week, they will be given a ‘Good to be Green’ sticker at the end of the week. Their name will also be placed in our ‘You’ve been spotted’ box and one name will be pulled out during our celebration worship where they can then choose from a range of prizes.

If a child demonstrates ‘Golden Behaviour’, they can move their name onto a gold star. They will then be able to write their name in the Golden Book which is displayed in the main corridor and their name will be read out in our ‘Celebration Worship’ on a Friday. They will also receive a Gold sticker and can choose a prize from the Golden Box at the end of the school day.

As well as this, we have ‘Class Dojos’ where each child has their own Dojo avatar. They can earn dojos throughout the day and once they earn a certain amount of dojos, they will receive an additional reward.
Each child is also placed in a ‘House Team’ at the beginning of the year and they can earn House Points for super examples of learning. At the end of each half term, the winning house will receive a ‘non-uniform’ day as a reward.

In addition, your child can also receive individual rewards such as stickers and prizes from our class prize box.
At the end of every week, a child will be chosen for our ‘Learner of the Week’ award and our ‘BLP Hero’ award. These will be presented in our celebration worship on Fridays and their names will be added on our class newsletter.

Building Learning Power
We hope that this is a part of your child’s learning which they share regularly with you at home and each week we will celebrate pupils who are demonstrating different learning muscles through our BLP Hero of the Week! This half term we have introduced Collaboration and this learning muscle is now prevalent in school, alongside perseverance, managing distractions and absorption.


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