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Turtles BLP Topic – Empathy and Listening

A very warm welcome to Turtles Class! On this page you will find the information that you and your child will need during your time in Year 1.  Wishing your child an enjoyable year in Turtles!  Please click on the link to download our Information Booklet – Turtles Welcome Booklet 2016-2017

My name is Miss Cavaney and I have been a teacher for eight years.  I have predominately worked in the Early Years but also have experience of working with children with SEND.  I love teaching but also enjoy music, shopping and watching films.  Our Class is supported by Mrs Dean (TA) every day and Miss Gul who will cover PPA time.  Please CLICK HERE for more Class information.

Creative Science Day – We were lucky enough to go inside an amazing planetarium on Tuesday. We were shown a video that took us on a journey through Space. It felt as though you were really there. We learnt all about the possibility of life on other planets.


BLP Reciprocity – This half term we will be focusing on a brand-new learning muscle from Reciprocity: Empathy and Listening.  You put yourself in other people’s shoes to see the world from their point of view, show you are listening by eye contact and body language, hear feelings and thoughts behind someone’s words.  We will be using clips from the film ‘Finding Nemo’ as our stimulus.  Have a look at some of the pictures.​


25.11.16 - This week in Maths we have been looking at money. To help us recognise and identify coins we sorted them according to their properties. We looked at colour, size and shape.


 28.09.16 - What a fantastic day, we met an Olympian. Tom, a silver medallist in swimming came in to school. He talked about his experience at the games and what he had done to get there. The children were fascinated and asked some fantastic questions. He showed us his medal (which was really heavy). A big thank you goes out to one of our parents for escorting him around school. Well done Tom, what a fantastic achievement.


16.09.16 – This week in English we have been learning all about recounts. Miss Cavaney wanted us to go in the hall to create out own ‘what happened’ to talk about. We used the parachute and had to get balls and farm animals through the middle. We had to work collaboratively and listen to each other which was initially tricky. We had great fun and could then talk about it linked to who, what, where, when, why and how.


09.09.16 – This week we have been exploring a new learning muscle ‘Reciprocity’.  We have been looking at teamwork in particular and have done lots of activities to challenge our teamwork skills.  Please ask your child about this.


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