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Seahorses – Theme Week – I have the right to be a Child

Welcome to Seahorses Class

My name is Mrs Jabeen and I am the Class teacher in Seahorses.  This is my third year at St. Paul’s and I am looking forward to ensuring that we all have an enjoyable and productive year.  Please CLICK HERE to open our Class Welcome Booklet.

Jackson Pollock Inspired Art – The Children first learnt how to make tints using colours and watched how each colour became lighter when white was added.   They then made 3D pictures/collages inspired by Jackson Pollock.  They used different textures and media to do this.


16.09.16 – This week the Seahorses have been working together collaboratively as part of their BLP week.  They have learned lots of teamwork skills and have learned to complete tasks together.  They were challenged to make paper chains, towers using cubes only and towers using straw.


Fantastic Mr Fox! – The children found mysterious footprints in their class room. They had to be detectives and look for clues. They then made wanted posters about the intruder and asked others if they knew what had happened.

Nobody knew what had happened!


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