Curriculum Intent

St Paul’s CofE Primary school vision is ‘to encourage one another and build each other up.’ Through our curriculum, we strive to develop the skills, knowledge and learning attitudes of our pupils so that they may become the best they can be: academically, personally and socially.     

Our Christian values help children to develop their social and moral code, as they build their sense of uniqueness and self-worth as an individual. We believe all children should be provided with the opportunities to nurture their talents and to achieve their true potential. At St Paul’s we view each child as an individual and celebrate our differences within our diverse school community.  

We teach the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum using a wide range of strategies and resources. High priority is given to the fundamentals of reading, writing and Maths every day so all pupils acquire the basic skills for learning and life. These skills are then incorporated and applied across other subjects.  

The value of questioning and being inquisitive, talking and listening to one another is highly valued across school. We provide a broad and exciting curriculum with relevant and creative opportunities planned for such as trips, visitors into school, outdoor learning, learning opportunities in our Forest School, links with the church and local communities/charities.  

We also have specialist sport and music tutors who come into school to work with individuals, groups and classes.  

By the end of a child’s learning journey at St Paul’s CofE Primary School, they will have been provided with a wealth of opportunities to enjoy a variety of creative and sporting extra-curricular activities such as cooking, gardening, choir, football, sewing, yoga etc.  

We pride ourselves on a challenging and exciting curriculum, where the children’s interests and questioning lead their learning journey, where possible. Each topic will begin with a ‘big question’ to ignite and enthuse learning. We place importance of revisiting previous knowledge and use this as building blocks to bring their learning forward and to ensure progression across school.   

As a school we re-design our curriculum every year based on what our children need and their interests. Here are the links for our ‘Long Term Plans’.

Subject and additional information

Should you require any additional regarding our current curriculum you can contact our Assistant Head Mrs Ormerod on 01706 215893.