Mrs Andrea Horrocks is our School’s Child and Family Support Advisor.  She is available to all families within school and anyone wanting to speak to an advisor can make an appointment at the school office.

Continuum of Need

The Lancashire Continuum of Need (CON) has been developed to provide help and guidance to practitioners at all levels, working in the statutory, public, voluntary and independent sectors, who work with children, young people and their families. It allows practitioners to identify levels of need through the use of indicators related to outcomes. The CON also supports practitioners in determining how their service can best support and work alongside children, young people and their families by providing guidance as to what assessment and planning procedures to follow at each level to meet or prevent the escalation of need and support de-escalation from statutory services.

CON Windscreen

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Lancashire’s Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

The CAF is a process that has been designed specifically to help practitioners and families assess needs at an early stage and then work with families, alongside other practitioners, to help them to meet those needs.  Please CLICK HERE for more information on the Continuum of Need and the Common Assessment Framework