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Welcome to the page that is all about you. At St.Paul’s we believe that your happiness is really important, we promote this throughout school and complete mindfulness activities each week. We have uploaded some activities here for you to do at home. 

This week in Mindfulness club, we practiced different breathing techniques and spoke about when we could use them. We then all made a breathing wand to help us to visualise and focus our breathing.

Coming soon…

Our mindfulness clubs are running again each week in Willow class

Wednesday – Kindness club with Mrs Cooper.

Thursday – Meditation with Mrs Todd.

The Quiet room will be open every day at Lunch in Oaks Class.


We cannot wait!

Action for happiness calendar…

At St.Paul’s we use the action for happiness calendar within school.

Each month, as part of our work based on our school values and to inspire practical actions for a happier and more caring society; our classes work through the action for happiness calendars. This month ‘Do Good December` we’re encouraging you to complete small acts of kindness.

Mental Health week 2022

Mental Health week is early this year, children are living through a strange and unfamiliar time. Below are resources idea’s that you can use to promote well-being. 

CMHW_Growing Together_Primary School Activities