The online admissions system for children starting school in September 2020 will be open from 1 September 2020 and will close on 15th January 2021.

Admissions Criteria
If there are more applications than places available, then for all community and voluntary controlled primary schools in Lancashire the following admissions criteria is used to decide who has priority for admission.  Primary-school-admission-arrangements-2020-to-21

All the preferences for a school are considered equally and the criteria below are applied in priority order.

1. Children who are looked after by a Local Authority at the time when preferences are expressed and who are still looked after at the time of their admission to school, and those who have been previously looked after, then
2. Children for whom the Local Authority accepts that there are exceptional medical social or welfare reasons which are directly relevant to the school concerned, then
3. Children with older brothers and sisters attending the school when the younger child will start, then
4. Remaining places are allocated according to where a child lives. Those living nearest to the preferred school by a straight line (radial) measure will have priority.

To apply for a school place you will need to have the following  information handy:

– Your name, address, telephone number and a valid email address
– The forename, surname and date of birth of the child
– The child’s NHS (National Health Service) number, available from their medical card
– The child’s current nursery (if relevant)
– The name of the district council that the child lives in
– The child’s permanent address (if different from the parent/guardian applying)
– The names of your preferred three primary schools
– Details of brothers or sisters that are attending one or more of the schools you are applying to
– If the child receives care, you need the name of the Local Care Authority that is responsible for this care

For late applications and information on the appeals process please visit Lancashire County Council Website.

Appeals Procedure – If you do not receive a place at your preferred school, you do have a right of appeal.

If you wish to appeal to the County Council against the refusal of a place at a Community or Voluntary Controlled School, you will need to complete the form which can be obtained from the Area Education Office. You must send the completed form back to your Area Education Office.  If you are moving house, firm written evidence of the move will be required with your completed appeal form or at the hearing. The minimum which is normally accepted is a solicitor’s letter confirming an exchange of contracts. Most primary appeal hearings are arranged by the School Appeals and Complaints Team. You are strongly advised to attend the hearing in person and to send in written documentation in advance, wherever possible. You can take a friend or representative with you to your hearing. Hearings will take place during the Summer Term. You will receive approximately two weeks’ notice of the date of the hearing. The appeal case papers will be sent to you approximately one week beforehand. In most primary appeals, the independent panel will come to a decision after balancing all aspects of your circumstances with the difficulties which the school or academy would experience in taking further pupils.

For more information regarding your Primary school place and all other related information please CLICK HERE to visit Lancashire County Council Website.

If you need any assistance with your online admission application or if you prefer to apply by post please speak to someone in our school office who will be happy to help.