Each year, children in Year 1 enjoy attending the RE Club where a Christian story is shared and crafts are made. Thanks to Christine (member of St Paul’s Church Congregation) for supporting us with this! The children had a great time!

We celebrated Easter with our Easter Service at Church.

The Junior children learnt about Easter with an Easter Experience at Church. Members of the congregation along with Rev Chris arranged ‘Stations of the Cross’ that the children, in small groups, visited. They reflected upon the events of Easter.

Charles Bloom from Yeshrun Synogogue in Manchester visited school to share the celebration of Hanukkah. The children listened to the story of the first Hanukkah, sang Jewish songs and lit the Menorah. They also enjoyed playing the Dreidl game and learning about the food and celebrations of Hannukah.

27th November – Today we visited Church for the Christingle service. We celebrated Jesus as the light of the world. The children shared songs and the Year 2’s and 6’s had their christingles lit.