The ECO Warriors work alongside Mrs E Smith, our Forest School Leader, to help develop and maintain outdoor learning area at Larkhill Rise.  In the children’s own words this is what being an Eco Warrior is all about, being outside and looking after our environment.

The Eco Warriors have the role of looking after the environment in and around school.  They have been given the responsibility to encourage all pupil and staff at St Paul’s to recycle all waste paper and cardboard by placing it into specific recycling bins in the classroom. The Eco Warriors then empty the bins into a large paper recycling bin that is now on site at St Paul’s which then is collected and taken to a recycling plant.

The children also have the role of saving energy.  We do this by turning out the lights when we leave the classroom and making sure all computers are switched off when not being used.

The pupils are also encouraged by the Eco Warriors to place all the leftover or waste fruit and vegetables into a small composting bin within the classrooms ready for the Eco Warriors to collect and take to Larkhill Rise, where it is be placed into large compost bins. The compost that will be produced will then be used to plant the seeds and plant in the spring and summer.

The children from Unicorns class used a Forest School session to litter pick the path and Larkhill Rise. They worked well as a team and collected lots of litter using the litter picking sticks.

The children have also recycled the apples that had fallen from the apple tree to make bird feeders and hung them from the trees in Forest School.

SEP 17 099

Litter picking

SEP 17 093

Making bird feeders

SEP 17 101

All the litter that was collected!

SEP 17 095

What a job!


SEP 17 104

Some of the rubbish that Unicorns collected.