At St Paul’s CE Primary School we pride ourselves on offering a truly bespoke curriculum designed for and by the children.

Whilst we ensure all areas of the National Curriculum 2014 are covered; we offer a thematic approach to learning where key skills are taught through exciting and innovative cross curricula topics.

These topics are decided upon each year by the children based on what they want to learn about and what they have enjoyed learning the previous year.

Each Summer term the children complete questionnaires where they are asked to reflect upon what they have enjoyed learning over the last year and what suggestions they have for their learning in the following academic year.

All of the children’s ideas are collated by the Subject Leaders and a bespoke set of topics are created by the Senior Leadership Team.

These form our Creative Curriculum overview grids for the year. This allows us to block out periods of time across the terms to enable links to be forged between subjects and ensures depth and coverage of key skills.

Some subjects lend themselves more naturally to this thematic approach such as History, Geography, Design Technology and Art. However there is also an expectation that some subjects are taught discretely such as Science, ICT, RE and PE/Games, although links can be made where appropriate.

We also pride ourselves on offering a range of ‘Themed Weeks’ across the year which allows classes to absorb themselves in a specific Theme for a week. Annually these include ‘Christmas around the World’, ‘Holy Week’ and more recently ‘Building Learning Power’ (BLP) themed weeks.

This way of working allows our children to transfer their learning across different subjects and to see learning in a holistic way. We pride ourselves on creating independent, resilient learners for the 21st Century and urge you to take a look at our class pages for more information about our creative curriculum.

You can look at what are children are currently learning following the links here:

Amazing Acorns – Here and There

Super Sycamores – I’m Alive

Outstanding Alders – Super Humans

Enchanted Elms – Footprints from the past

Marvellous Maples – How Humans Work

Dazzling Elders – Being Human

Wonderful Willows – Existing, Endangered, Extinct

Mighty Oaks – The Gallery Greats