Each year the children across the school will prepare for the English Speaking Board (ESB) examinations, which focus on communication skills.

This is an important part of St Paul’s English curriculum and, we believe, is a very positive experience for pupils as they are given the opportunity to prepare for an external assessment of their speaking and listening skills, if they choose to.

English Speaking Board preparation gives children confidence and more opportunities to speak in public.  Preparation work is done in school by children on their poetry, prose and presentation and participation in the exam is optional, paid for by parents.

We advise that all pupils do take the ESB exam, so they have something to show for all their hard work and celebrate all they have learnt. ESB qualifications help measure the progress children are making and are nationally recognised.  For further information, why not have a look at the ESB website – www.esbuk.org

CLICK HERE to view our ESB Yearly Overview

The children who took their ESB exams really enjoyed their day! They had worked hard on their presentation, prose and poems. It was a real celebration of all their efforts.

Well done children!