Griffin Class

06/12/2017 Today in Forest School Griffins made a Christmas decoration made from willow harvested from the willow tree on the school field and used sprigs of holly and fern to make it look more festive.

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Bending the Willow into a heart shape and securing was tricky for lots of the children, but everyone persevered and returned to school with a Christmas decoration.

22/11/2017  Today Griffins created eruptions in Forest School by building volcanoes. Each group had been given a magma chamber (yogurt pot) to build around using natural resources.

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Once we built our volcano we  placed baking powder, washing up liquid, food colouring and vinegar into our magma chamber to create our eruptions. It was Great Muddy Fun!!

This half term the Griffins have been learning about the Romans. We wanted to build something like the romans so the children had the task of building a roman catapult using natural resources an elastic band and a plastic spoon and we had some wonderful creations, we then had a competition to see which group could get the catapults to fire a small stone the furthest.

The children also built roman chariots and carts, using the natural resources in the forest. They had to think about the shape, what the chariots were used for and how or who would move them.

Griffins did a fantastic job of planting up the flower planters around the school which has been a big hit with pupils, teachers and parents they have also been busy planting a range of herbs in that will be harvested later in the year.

Have a look at what we have been doing.

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