Phoenix Class

27/11/2017  This week we have been using tools to create a Christmas decoration.

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We worked together to keep ourselves and each other safe.

In Phoenix class, we have been learning about the lives of the Anglo-Saxons, so in forest school the children split into two groups and where challenged to build an Anglo-Saxon house that could fit at least eight people in. The children were given pictures of what the houses may have looked like.

The children set to work and gave roles to make the task more manageable, some collected sticks, some weaved the sticks to create walls and others worked on the framework and the results were fantastic.

Phoenix class have also been busy sowing pumpkin seeds and radish seeds, weeding the paths in forest school with the gardening tools.

The children were given a challenge to move our topsoil from the entrance to the bottom of the forest school using only eight buckets and two gardening forks and two garden spades. They collaboratively worked as a team made a human chain one child filled the bucket then passed it along the line of children, once the bucket reached the vegetable plot it was emptied and passed back along the line to be refilled. What a talented team!!

This is where the vegetables from each of the classes will be moved to once they are ready for outdoor planting.

Phoenix class have also started to look at and identify the several types of trees that we have in forest school. They have also been learning about how we can identify trees and the difference between the tree leaves and distinct types of tree bark.

Have a look at what we have been doing.

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