Sea-Serpent Class

In our topic work the Sea-Serpents have been learning about ancient Egypt, we thought it would be a good idea for the children to try and work through some of the problems that the Ancient Egyptians may have faced.

How did they get the stone across the desert or down the Nile to build the pyramids?

The sea-serpents have also sown carrot seeds, weeded the vegetable patch and worked out the most efficient method of transporting the topsoil from the forest school entrance to the bottom of forest school.

The children worked out that by using a human chain, filling the bucket’s and passing them along the chain, emptying the buckets into the vegetable patch then using spades, garden forks and rakes to level the soil ready for the carrots once they are ready to plant outdoors.

The carrots have now been moved into the vegetable plot by the children, they planted the seedling in rows to give the carrots plenty of room to grow.


Have a look at what we have been doing.

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