Sport plays an important role within our school in how we can all develop, by working with others as a team. We have many great Sports Ambassadors within our school and we hope to encourage more children to become involved in any number of our various sports that we run at school.

Sports Ambassadors Leadership Meetings

Autumn 1/Autum2


Met with Sports Ambassadors to discuss what is expected from them throughout the year and what role they play within school.

I let them know our worship is coming up and we discussed ideas for the worship.


We all voted what the worship would be about and started writing the worship together. The children picked which parts they would like to say during the worship.


Practiced the worship during dinner time and voted for a song for our worship


Practiced again for the worship and did our worship in the afternoon.


Met with the Sports Ambassadors and gave them badges.


Discussed with the chn about the sport equipment boxes and reminder of when they should be out on the yard.


Met with chn and discussed about the after school clubs, what sports are affered to them (e.g. athletes, basketball, football). What other sports clubs would they like offer the school. (Badminton, Rugby, Soft Ball)


Chn discussed the idea of the mile run. They liked the idea but not in the morning, maybe in the afternoon. Discussed would this be every day or once a week. Chn liked the idea of minimum of 3 times a week.

Spring 1


Met with the Sport Ambassadors to discuss how the box of sports equipment is being implemented and what they think we could do to improve the school. Chn came up with the idea of running an after school club for a sport, with them leading/teaching the sessions.