St Paul’s sports 2019-2020:

Here at St Paul’s, we aim to give as many children as possible, regardless of ability, access to a wider range of school sports, in addition to the PE curriculum, via lunchtime and after-school clubs.
Our sports clubs run throughout the school year, from the first week of September, until the final week of the summer term in July. Teaching all aspects of a given sport, covering techniques, space awareness, fitness, teamwork and improving individual skills.
We are proud members of the Rossendale school sports partnership, whom run competitions for all schools in Rossendale, in a wide range of  different sports.
In addition to these competitions, we are proud participants in the three Rossendale schools football leagues (Year 5/6 mixed, Year 5/6 girls and Year 3/4 mixed) also including our younger children where-ever possible. Our football clubs run throughout the school year.
We also participate in inclusion events via the sports partnership, where our children can take part along with children from other schools in fun sporting events. These events cover Key Stage 1 and 2 children.
The winners of some Rossendale schools competitions, then progress to represent Rossendale in their respective Lancashire County Finals.
St Paul’s also run after-school clubs where there are no competitions, such as hula-hoop club, which is very popular with the children.
Some of our lunchtime clubs, have an inter-school competition running, such as our chess club, which has had 42 children taking part this year!

Rossendale schools 5/6 girls football knockout competition: (2 teams entered) – Heats: St Pauls A: Heat winners, St Pauls B: 4th.
Grand final: St Pauls A: Runners up (silver medal)

Rossendale schools 3/4 tennis: (2 teams entered) – Heats: St Pauls A: 2nd, St Pauls B: 4th.

Rossendale schools 5/6 tennis: (4 teams entered) – Heats: St Pauls A: Heat winners, St Pauls B: 3rd, St Pauls C: Heat winners, St Pauls D: 4th
Grand final: St Pauls A: Runners up (silver medal), St Pauls C: 5th.

Rossendale schools 5/6 football knockout competition: (3 teams entered) – Heats: St Pauls A: Heat winners, St Pauls B: 4th, St Pauls C: 5th
Grand final: St Pauls A: Third place (bronze medal).