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On 26th March, 30 pupils – 5 each from years 1-6 who were chosen on the strength of their PIPs scores – attended an enrichment day organised by the North West Gifted and Talented Team.  The bespoke day involved challenging maths, literacy, communication and teamwork.  Activities for the day included

Teams of 6 (1 pupil from each year) making furniture with paper, scissors and tape.

Each team seeing how many words are hiding in the word ‘grandfather’ without moving letters around or leaving a gap.

Individuals looking for the ‘odd one out’.  Children learned that it is the reason that makes an answer right or wrong.

Children talking on a subject for ‘just a minute’ without repeating a word, going off the subject or hesitating.

Two teams organising themselves in height order and birthdays without speaking.


Back in teams for a carousel of activities

Arranging shapes – (hexagon, triangle, square) from pieces with numbered corners.

Work out what letters stand for eg. 7DOTW is 7 days of the week.

‘Story Circle’ – agreeing the opening sentence of a story altogether, then each team of 6 writing at least 10 sentences to make their own story.

Making ‘Homes for Gnomes’ in specific shapes from plastic parts.

Playing educational games and reading.

The skills used and developed by the children included problem solving, creativity, communication and writing, real maths, shapes and spaces, perimeter, science, measuring and working in teams.

We are hoping to use this pilot as a springboard for a school challenge day that will help all of our children participate in these sorts of activities and develop their skills.

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