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Lancashire County Council hold an annual Pride Award for nominated employees across the county. We are over the moon to announce that Mr Rush was shortlisted out of 240 people. He attended the award ceremony last night and won the award for ‘Making a Difference to the Community.’ I am sure you will agree that this is well deserved and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Rush once again for his commitment to making a difference to the lives of every child in school. We are extremely lucky to have Mr Rush who has also been a key driver in school achieving the Gold Award for sports.

The Pride Website posted the following:

Making a Difference to the Community

This award is designed to recognise colleagues whose outstanding contribution is directly recognised by the individuals or communities they support in their role. Our nominees all make a tangible difference to those they work with.

Winner: Dean Rush

Dean works as a teaching assistant at St Paul’s Primary School.

Dean also takes on the role of welfare assistant at lunchtime and runs numerous after school clubs for many children every week. In fact there’s not an evening that goes by without Dean taking responsibility for an after school club.