In the event that your child cannot attend school they can still access learning from here. On this page we will post learning grids from every class. The grids contain links to lessons from National Oak Academy. The grid outlines a full timetable for a week.

SI – WB 21st February

SI – WB 7th February

SI – Spring 1

SI – WB 6th December

SI – WB 29th November

SI – WB 11th November

SI – WB 18th October

SI – WB 4th and 11th October

SI – WB 27.9.21

SI – WB 12.7.21

SI – WB 5.7.21

SI – WB 28.6.21

SI – WB 21.6.21

SI – WB 14.6.21

SI – WB 7.6.21

SI – WB 27.5.21

Stand Alone Home Learning Grids

Spot on Stories

Need something a little different to use?

Spot On Stories are back with a new video every  Monday at 10am!  

At the turning of the seasons, the wild Winter Wind and the soft Summer Sun are  having a quarrel.     The Winter Wind thinks he’s the one who should be in charge. Will the tough Winter Wind triumph once again, or can the softly spoken Summer Sun show him  that sometimes a gentle touch makes all the difference?

Available from Monday 25th January at 10am and then on the Spot On Family  Friendly YouTube Channel. Please see the attached poster for link details.

The Winter Wind and Summer Sun


WB 1.3.21

WB 22.2.21

WB 8.2.21

WB 1.2.21

WB 25.1.21

Competition for Year 3 and 4.

Amazing Confectionary
Years 3 and 4, think about all those amazing sweets, cakes and biscuits you read about in books; Harry Potter’s Chocolate Frogs, Willy Wonka and his chocolate bars, the Gingerbread House in Hansel and Gretel. We would like you to create your own, original sweet invention for a character in a book you have read. You can make your invention in any way you like, drawing, junk modelling, write a description or baking.

Amazing confectionary competition

WB 18.1.21

WB 11.1.21

WB 4.1.21

WB 14.12.20

WB 7.12.20

WB 30.11.20

WB 23.11.20

WB 16.11.20

WB 9.11.20

WB 2.11.20

Autumn 1